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This website was funded and provided to you as a resource NOT to do business with SHEQ Properties. We had the unfortunate experience of doing business with them and we will exhaust every resource we have in order to choke any new business SHEQ Properties receives. 


Brisk Health, a Las Vegas Health Tech start-up signed a lease for an office space located at 311 North Buffalo Drive in Las Vegas on November 10, 2022, while disbursing guaranteed funds for the security deposit. According to the lease, the premises were to be delivered for occupancy on or about December 12, 2022, along with tenant improvements worth $90,000.


These improvements include cabinets, sinks for exam rooms, baseboards, work exit signs, and ADA-accessible restrooms. As of January 16, 2023, this property remains undelivered in the lease listed status and status anticipated by Brisk Health. SHEQ Properties has offered zero concessions, nor have they approached any other construction company to explore the possibility of completing the construction on time as promised.


As the property is now, it is not only impossible for Brisk Health to run its business, but it is also impossible to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy from the City of Las Vegas.

Brisk Health has suffered damages for not being able to operate its business. Brisk's in-house counsel has brought a lawsuit against SHEQ Properties and sister company Stable Development. You will see that both SHEQ and Stable Development work out of the same office located at 3145 Saint Rose Parkway, Suite 200, Henderson, NV 89052.

When doing more research as to who is behind SHEQ Properties and Stable Development, we stumbled upon the criminal records of these individuals. 

Lance Bradford of Stable Development pled guilty to falsifying tax returns

Wife of Lance Bradford, Leilani Bradford was also charged with falsifying tax returns.

An employee of SHEQ Properties and Stable Development, Steve Chitren, was charged with 33 counts of theft. Steve Chitren was once an MLB ball player


SHEQ Properties owns the following:

Seven Hills Business Plaza

Westcliff Plaza

The Village

Corporate Center


This should be enough evidence to steer your clear from doing business with these people. 

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